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Showing Rats

Rat registration is now closed!

Click here for more information on quaratining your rats!

To see our club's show standards, visit the RatsPacNW Webite:


  • All rats attending the show must be pre-registered three weeks in advance. This means, attendees must pre-register any and all rats they wish to bring onsite. Registrations will not be performed the day of the show. Unregistered animals are not allowed entrance to the show.
  • Ages (month and year of birth) of all rats are required for registration.
  • The kitten class is for rats aged 8 weeks to 14 weeks. Rats younger than 8 weeks may not be shown.
  • Adult class is for rats older than 14 weeks.
  • A three-week quarantine period begins at registration and must be adhered to.
  • Rats may only be entered into one standard class. Pet class entry is unlimited.
  • Neutered and spayed rats are allowed to be shown.
  • Rats must be shown in their natural condition – no dyeing, plucking, trimming, or other attempts to alter appearance that may deceive the judges.  Bathing, trimming nails, and normal grooming are accepted.

Health Check Process

  • All rats must pass health check. Rat will not be admitted if health checkers believe they may be sick or contagious - conditions including, but not limited to, skin rashes, lesions, wounds, infections of skin, eyes, respiratory system, urinary tract, and infestations by mites, lice, or any other parasite disqualify the rat from entry to the building.  Please check all animals before bringing them. Do not bring sick, contagious, or exposed animals, as there will be no safe place for them to stay during the show.
  • The volunteers designated for the duration of a show as "Health Checkers" are responsible for performing a quick but thorough exam of all rats entering the building.  Health Checkers may ask for assistance or a second opinion from a member of the Board of Directors.  The Health Checkers, the Show Director, and/or the Board of Directors have final determination on whether a rat is healthy enough to enter the show venue.
  • Fanciers (pet owners) and approved breeders may have kittens at the show to exhibit in the standards or pet classes. All rats for exhibit must be at least 8 weeks old and registered. 
  • The Health Checker shall retain the right to declare any rat too small for adoption and deny them entry to the show.
  • Nursing dams and pregnant rats are not permitted at the show.
  • Rats that fail health check for any reason whatsoever, and all rats housed with them, may not be kept at the venue. Take them home for treatment. No animals may be left in your vehicle.
  • Adoptions and sales must take place within the venue. Selling or transferring animals or merchandise outside the venue is not allowed.
  • We value the health of animals and their human carers above all else. The decision of the health check volunteers and the second opinion of a board member are final. Non-compliant individuals will be asked to leave the venue.

During Show Judging

  • Exhibitors may not interfere with judges or make themselves known to the judge. Origin of animals being judged will not be considered.
  • Exhibitors and their representatives may not remain at the judges table.
  • Judges will not judge a class in which rat bred by or shown by them is exhibited.
  • Exhibitors will provide their own appropriately-sized show boxes and bedding.
  • Judges have sole discretion on choosing the most appropriate rat for each Best of Variety based on what they feel is the best of the variety being represented, regardless of overall end scores.

Guidelines for Treatment of Rats

  • While not in show boxes, rats should be contained in a cage or ventilated tub that is clean and free from excess wet bedding and feces.  At no time shall the rats be forced to stand/lay in wet or soiled bedding due to a lack of access to a clean area.  Soiled and wet bedding should be removed and replaced as quickly as the owner is reasonably able to complete the task.  The Show Director or member of the Board of Directors may ask a participant to change out soiled bedding, for cleanliness in the venue.  Failure to maintain reasonably clean cages will result in the participant being asked to leave the show venue.
  • Rats shall always have access to a water bottle when not in a show box. We do not allow dishes of water in cages due to the mess they create.
  • Rats shall always have access to food when not in a show box.
  • It is recommended that rats have access to a hide in their cage where they may have quiet, security, and privacy.  This includes a box, a hammock, an igloo, etc. Hides and hammocks must be clean and sanitary.
  • Time in a show box:
    • Rats shall not be held in a show box for an excess of 45 minutes.
    • Every reasonable attempt should be made to keep the rat's ownership anonymous in accordance with the club rules.  It is suggested that the Show Secretary or Show Director (if not participating as a judge) will remove the rat from the table, with the judge's' permission, and return them to the table if the rat needs a break.
  • Humane handling is expected of all show attendees and participants at all times. Pulling the skin or tail is not humane.