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May 18th, 2024 - 10am - 4pm - Thurston County Fairground

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Show Participants

How to Register Tables
Attention Vendors!
Do you have fun rat-related merchandise for sale? Register for a table at our show and sell your rattie-wares to fellow rat lovers! Fill out this form to reserve your space:
Vendor Application Form

Attention Rescues and Ratteries!
If you have a rescue or rattery and want to reserve a table for your organization, you'll want to fill out this form:
Rescue and Rattery Form

Participants Attending
Best Friend Rodent Rescue
Small Animal Rescue
"501 (C) (3) non-profit animal shelter and rescue dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for neglected and abandoned small animals, primarily domestic rats, from other shelters and owners who can no longer care for them. By working with committed volunteers, foster homes and local veterinarians, we are able to rescue hundreds of small animals every year, provide them with loving temporary care, and find them well-matched, carefully screened forever homes."

Rescue's Websites:
Rat Way Sanctuary
Rat Rescue
"We are a team of four highly dedicated humans with many years of experience and a passion for helping rats who need a little extra care and support. We specialize in providing advanced care for the most vulnerable animals: seniors, rats with acute or chronic medical needs, and the behaviorally challenged. We aim to provide a safety net for these animals and give them a permanent home, where all their needs will be met. Our goal is to relieve some of the burden on the rescues in the PNW, allowing them to free up resources and focus on what they do best–matching pets with their perfect forever homes."

Rescue's Websites:
Rattie World O' Comfort
Vendor's selling hammocks, tubes, silver charms, and more!
"Since 1999 I have made Hammocks and Tubes for little ratties. I later expanded to make things for their owners."

Vendor's Websites:
Facebook Page
Miss Alyssa Read
Vendor's selling art prints!

"Alyssa Read is a disabled Illustrator and Comic Artist currently residing in Vancouver, WA.
She enjoys painting rats, flowers, and is working on comics of all types."

Vendor's Website:

Sculptures By nEVErmor
Vendor's selling tiny rat sculptures!

"I invite you to explore my gallery, where you will find a delightful variety of sculptures, each with its own personality and charm."

Vendor's Websites:

Mel's Critters
Vendor's selling handmade custom rat plushies and ornaments!

"I'm Mel and I design and make custom plushies! I love rats but unfortunately have developed an allergy and can't have them as pets anymore. So I make my own plush army of rats to share with others!"

Vendor's Websites:
Etsy Store

Ashton's Art Goods
Vendor's selling lots of rat themed crafts, rat plushie backpacks, rat stickers, ethically sourced oddities including rat bones/skulls, shirts, patches, framed work, pins, prints and lots of other goods!

"Hello my name is Ashton, Im an artist currently living In Spokane, Washington. I am a high school student but I partake in professional art events and am the youngest in most events. Rats are definitely my favorite animal and a big inspiration."

Vendor's Website:

Rainer View Rattery and The Resin Rat
Vendor is selling baked goods and resin crafts!

"Your local friendly rat breeder based out of Graham, WA! We will have our most recent litter of rats as well as several types of baked goods and resin crafts! Dice and earrings galore! "

Vendor's Website:
Facebook (Rainer View Rattery)
Facebook (The Resin Rat)

Rat Trax
Vendor sells 16" diameter running wheels for rats!

"Each Rat Trax wheel is custom made with love for the enjoyment, exercise and enrichment of your rat pack. The wheel basin is made from galvanized steel. 16" diameter, 4" height/running surface. The spinning mechanisim is a plastic 3D printed hub that provides stability and a quiet spin. Mounnting hardware is included for wire type cages (Critter Nation cage). Wheel prices start at $48.00"

Vendor's Website:

Stefanie Egan Photography
Vendor will be running a rat photobooth along with other fun products for sale!

"I’m a photographer with a passion for animals, art, and music. I specialize in portraits and events. With my love for photography and dedication to my clients, I will create unforgettable experiences and capture your memories. Whether you're looking for portraits, headshots, or someone to capture your event, I will work with you to create a personalized experience. So reach out and let's capture your story!"

Vendor's Website:
Stefanie Egan Photography