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May 18th, 2024 - 10am - 4pm - Thurston County Fairground

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the entrance fee?

The cost of admittance is $5 per person. Children five and under are free.

Entry fees help cover the cost of the venue, but we try to keep it affordable for everyone!

What kind of payment methods are accepted for entrance fees?

We take cash, credit, and debit. This also applies to any rat entry fees, RatsPacNW Membership fees, and any Ratapalooza merchandise you purchase.

How do I register my rats for the show?

Around 3-4 weeks before the show, a registration form will be posted on the website and the Facebook page. From there, you can enter any rats that you might possibly bring. You will only pay fees for the rats you actually bring to the show. However, only preregistered rats will be allowed inside.

How do I quarantine my rats? What does that entail?

Quarantine begins 3 weeks before the show. This means that for Ratapalooza 2024, you should begin quarantine starting April 27th, 2024.

Please reference the RatsPacNW procedure page on how to properly quarantine your rats:

Can I enter my rat in more than one category?

Your rat may be entered into one standards category and any pet category. They cannot be entered into more than one standards category (i.e. dumbo/marked and hairless). Your rat should be entered into the category of your rat's most prominent feature. With how our score sheets work, they will be judged on all features they exhibit, so they will do better in the correct class.

Where do I find the show standards?

Our shows are based on the RatsPacNW show standards. You can find the entire list of standards here:

What is a show box and how do I get one?

A show box is a clear plastic cage with a snap-on lid. These are sold in many pet stores and cost between $15-$25. For adult rats, we recommend the medium size box and kittens can be shown in the small size. We do not recommend wire cages be brought to the judges table for several reasons. One, we try to keep the owner of the rat anonymous, and show boxes provide that conformity. Show boxes also provide less contact between other rats, which helps prevent transfer of unknown/unseen diseases or parasites.

The club will have boxes available to use, for a fee, but you are encouraged to bring your own as quantities are limited. Use an appropriate size; make sure your rat can turn around comfortably in the box, and don't keep them in the box for longer than 45 minutes.

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