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Rat Colors

 non-agouti colors
non-ticked hair shafts


Self: All one color, no white marks, hairs but will not be disqualified.  White toes, hairs, will be counted against the rat when shown.  Colors standardized are: Beige, Black, Blue, Blue Beige, Champagne, Chocolate, Cocoa, Dove, Lilac, Mink, Platinum, Russian Blue, Russian Silver, Silver, Sky Blue, Powder blue; Havana; Black Eye White, Pink Eye White, Pearl


agouti colors
ticked hair shafts


AOC: Any other color pattern or Agouti based colors in one color (no white same as above).  Colors standardized are:  Agouti, Amber, Blue Agouti, Platinum Agouti, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Pearl, Fawn, Classic Lynx, American Lynx


example of silver black

Silvered:  Coat is evenly interspersed with white hairs.  Color should reach to skin.  Color standards include: Silver black, Silver blue, Silver Chocolate, Silver Fawn, Silver Lilac, Silver Mink

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