Rat Standards

RatsPacNW trophy logo RatsPacNW will judge rats in two separate categories, Solids/Shaded and Marked. Each category will be given their own Best of Show and Reserve of Show. Each individual rat will be judged according to its category and variety.

Note that we judge based on phenotype (outward appearance) and not on genotype (genetics).

Special thanks to the following for allowing us to use their photos as examples!
J & J ' s Willamette Valley Rodentry, The Breakfast Bunch Rattery (retired), Our Crazy Rat Adventures Rattery (retired), Kobold Rattery (retired), Rodents of Unusual Sweetness Rattery, Little Whiskers Rattery of Washington, and Rattie Rascals (retired). If you have any images you would like to contribute, let us know!!

Solids: Solid color hair shaft, body is single color
Shaded: Himalayan, Siamese, Marten, Burmese, and solid Merled rats

Colored rats with different white markings.

A rat with possum and collared markings

This includes coat types, ear types, and body varieties such as dwarf and tailless.
A dumbo velveteen marten rat

Agouti and agouti-based colors that have a ticked hair shaft.

Non-agouti colors where the hair shaft color is the same from base to tip.



In addition to the Standards show, there are pet classes that are always an audience favorite. Participate and have a chance to win a ribbon!

  • Best Matched Pair - Opposite or same sex pair that most match in color, markings, and variety.
  • Squishiest - The rat must be squishy and soft. These rats make good accordions.
  • Most Unusual - Unusual markings or qualities that make the rat stand out from the crowd.
  • Longest Tail - Does your rat have an unusually long tail? Show us!
  • Biggest - Not fat, just BIG!
  • Senior - Rats getting up there in age and still going strong and looking good.
  • Laid back - Couch potato rat. The most chill rat you have.
  • Prettiest and Handsomest - People's choice and everyone can vote!
  • Costume contest - Time to dress up your rat and let the crowd vote for best costume!

Others classes could be added depending on the individual Show Director.

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